Wisdom Teeth

The Problem with Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can pose a variety of problems due to their late eruption and potential misalignment. Common issues include:

  1. Overcrowding: Wisdom teeth may cause crowding in the mouth, leading to discomfort, misalignment of other teeth, and difficulty with proper oral hygiene.

  2. Impaction: If there’s not enough space for wisdom teeth to fully emerge, they can become impacted, causing pain, swelling, and infection.

  3. Misalignment: Wisdom teeth may emerge at odd angles, leading to misalignment and bite problems.

  4. Gum issues: Partially erupted wisdom teeth can create pockets where bacteria can accumulate, increasing the risk of gum disease and infection.

  5. Cysts and tumors: In rare cases, wisdom teeth can lead to the development of cysts or tumors in the jawbone.

Due to these potential complications, many individuals opt to have their wisdom teeth removed preventatively to avoid future problems and maintain optimal oral health.

The Best Time to Have Them Removed

It is generally recommended to consider removal during the late teenage years or early adulthood, typically between the ages of 17 and 25, before the roots fully develop and complications become more likely. Early removal may be advisable to prevent potential problems such as overcrowding, impaction, and misalignment. Additionally, younger individuals tend to experience faster healing and fewer complications after the procedure.


Dr. Haynie has extensive experience in anesthesia. We are able to provide safe and comfortable anesthesia for patients of all ages. Almost all of our wisdom teeth patients choose IVS sedation to undergo the procedure safely and comfortably. Benefits of IVS sedation for wisdom teeth extraction include: 

  • Comfort: IVS induces a deep state of relaxation, ensuring patients are comfortable and free from pain during the procedure.

  • Anxiety reduction: Many individuals experience anxiety or fear related to dental procedures. IVS can help alleviate these feelings, allowing patients to undergo treatment with ease.

  • Faster recovery: IVS typically has a shorter recovery time compared to general anesthesia, allowing patients to resume normal activities more quickly after the procedure.

  • Safety: IVS is administered and monitored by trained professionals to ensure the patient’s safety and well-being throughout the entire process.

Examination for Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

An examination is required prior to extraction of wisdom teeth to assess your specific circumstances surrounding the teeth and overall oral health while minimizing risks and complications. Here’s why:

  1. Evaluation: The examination allows us to assess the position, development, and alignment of the wisdom teeth. This helps determine if extraction is necessary and if so, the best approach for removal.

  2. Identification of Potential Complications: An examination helps identify any potential complications associated with the wisdom teeth, such as impaction, crowding, or infection. Understanding these factors helps us plan the extraction procedure accordingly.

  3. Assessment of Oral Health: The examination also involves evaluating the patient’s overall oral health, including the condition of surrounding teeth, gums, and jawbone. This information helps ensure that the extraction procedure can be performed safely and effectively.

  4. Tailored Treatment Plan: Based on the findings from the examination, we will develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and concerns. 

We do not perform same-day extractions except in the case of doctor declared emergency, so will get your surgery appointment scheduled at this appointment.

Why should I have my wisdom teeth removed?

If you do not have enough room in your mouth for your third molars to fully erupt, a number of problems can happen. Impacted wisdom teeth should be removed before their root structure is fully developed. In some patients it is as early as 12 or 13, and in others it may not be until the early twenties. Problems tend to occur with increasing frequency after the age of 30. Some of the possible problems related to not removing your wisdom teeth include:

A representation of a pericoronitis infection on a wisdom tooth


The most frequent clinical problem we see is pericoronitis, (a localized gum infection). Without enough room for total eruption, the gum tissue around the wisdom tooth can become irritated and infected, resulting in recurrent pain, swelling, and problems with chewing and/or swallowing.

An example of a cyst formation on a wisdom tooth

Cyst Formation:

Non-infectious diseases may also arise in association with an impacted wisdom tooth. Cysts are fluid-filled “balloons” inside the jaw bone that develop as a result of impacted teeth and slowly expand destroying adjacent jaw bone and occasionally teeth. They can be very difficult to treat if your wisdom teeth are not removed in your teenage years. Although rare, tumors can be associated with the delayed removal of wisdom teeth.

An illustration of teeth crowding caused by a wisdom tooth

Possible Crowding:

Impacted wisdom teeth may contribute to crowding of your teeth. This is most noticeable with the front teeth, primarily the lower front teeth and is most commonly seen after a patient has had braces. There are a number of factors that cause teeth to crowd after braces or in early adulthood. Retained, impacted wisdom teeth may be a contributing factor. Unless you have an active problem when you see the oral surgeon, the reason for removal is primarily to prevent long-term damage to your teeth, gums and jaw bone.

A visual of a wisdom tooth damaging an adjacent tooth

Damage to Adjacent Teeth:

If there is inadequate room to clean around the wisdom tooth, the tooth directly in front, the second molar, can be adversely affected resulting in gum disease, bone loss around the tooth, and/or decay.

What if I decide to wait?

As wisdom teeth develop, the roots become longer and the jaw bone more dense. When it is necessary to remove impacted wisdom teeth in your thirties, forties or beyond, the post-operative course can be prolonged and there is a higher complication rate. Treating these complications is often more difficult and less predictable than with a younger patient. Healing may be slower and the chance of infection can be increased. If your impacted wisdom teeth are not removed in your teenage years or early in your twenties and they are completely impacted in bone, it may be advisable to wait until a localized problem (such as cyst formation or localized gum disease and bone loss) develops. In general, you will heal faster, more predictably and have fewer complications if treated in your teens or early twenties.

What happens on the day wisdom teeth are removed?

Animation of Wisdom Tooth Removal

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The morning of your surgery, you cannot have anything to eat or drink 8-12 hours prior to your surgery. You can take small sips of water to take your medications, but should only drink as much as is necessary to take the medications.  You will also need a responsible adult to drive you home after

As you arrive in office, we will ensure that there hasn’t been any changes to your health history, that you haven’t eaten, and that you have your driver with you. As long as everything is up-to-date and correct, we will promptly get you to your surgery room. 

We have a theater room for your driver to enjoy snacks, drinks, a massage chair, and Netflix as they wait. Most patients are surprised to learn that wisdom teeth in our office only takes about 30 minutes (compared to an hour or more in other offices) so you won’t be waiting long. 

As the patient is led to their surgery room by one of our surgical assistants, we will ask a few last minute questions and then immediately take your vitals and start the IV. Once the IV is started, Dr. Haynie will be in within a few minutes to start the medications that put you to sleep. From this point, you will be completely asleep for the rest of the procedure and likely won’t remember anything from the time he entered until you are with your guest again. We will track your vitals through the whole procedure and take all of the necessary precautions to ensure that you are safe, as this is our #1 priority. This ensures that your procedure is pain-free,  anxiety-free, and that you and your guest will leave feeling relaxed and well taken care of. 

Click here for Post-Operative instructions. 

smiling teenage son with his mother

The Day of Treatment

Be sure to have an adult with you at the time of removal. Make plans to have a parent or responsible adult stay with you for the rest of the day, following wisdom tooth removal.

What does wisdom tooth removal cost and is it covered by insurance?

The fee for your treatment is determined by a number of factors. These may include the difficulty involved in removing your teeth and which type of anesthesia is best for you. During your consultation appointment, the surgeon will need to review your x-rays, complete an examination and determine the best option for anesthesia, before an accurate estimate can be provided. Every insurance company has a different policy regarding the extent of coverage for a given surgical procedure.

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Wisdom Teeth FAQs

What does “impacted” mean?

  • An impacted tooth is one that is unable to erupt through the gums. It is very common. In fact, 9 out of 10 people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth requiring removal.

How long does the surgery take?

  • Wisdom teeth extraction typically takes about 30 minutes.

Does wisdom teeth extraction hurt?

  • The surgery itself doesn’t hurt as you will be asleep for the procedure. However, you will probably have some soreness as the anesthesia wears off, lasting for a few days. We will develop a medication plan with you prior to surgery to minimize discomfort.

If your child is between the ages of 17 and 25, please call our friendly, fun team to schedule a wisdom teeth consultation. We will make sure that your wisdom tooth experience is a great one! Coeur D'Alene Office Phone Number 208-664-0844

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Patient Review

This was my first time getting my wisdom teeth removed, everyone was very friendly through the procedure and kept me in the loop for everything that was going to happen during the procedure. Procedure itself was relatively painless and they give a very nice in depth sheet for your post op. I would highly recommend this team for anyone else looking to get their wisdom teeth removed.

- Jonah M

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We had a great experience! Everyone was very friendly, welcoming and we felt well informed. They were also very accommodating with scheduling.

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Lakeside Oral Surgery is a very friendly, positive, organized and professional organization at all levels. I would highly recommend them. They made the process very easy. The entire staff worked as team providing excellent service from start to finish. They also clearly explained what to expect at each step of the procedure and absolved my preconceived fears that I had going in, as this is the first time I have ever had oral surgery at 60 years of age.

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Thank you for taking such great care of our daughter during her wisdom teeth extraction! She was treated so well and we were very impressed with every person we met!

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Our first experience with Dr. Haynie and his staff was excellent. Everyone was friendly and professional. Procedure was well explained and my husband was able to get treatment in a very timely manner. Special thanks to Brooks for following up and getting the VA authorization so quickly. Amazing. Thank you Josie for your kindness and care. A followup call from Dr. Haynie to check on him was appreciated! Kudos all! Highly reccomend your office.

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Wisdom Teeth extraction is a scary procedure. Lakeside made it as easy and painless as possible, even for those of our children who have Special Needs. Highly recommend.

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I would highly recommend Lakeside Oral Surgery, Dr. J.R. Haynie and his team did an amazing job by treating me so kindly and making sure I understood everything that was going on. Which was very reassuring and comforting to me before having all 4 wisdom teeth removed but they did beautiful job doing so. One of the team members, MeagAnn who put my IV in did such a good job doing so, I didn’t feel the needle at all! I was absolutely shocked that someone can be that gentle, so a huge thank you to her for making me that much more relaxed haha. But I’m healing great and once again very thankful for every staff member I was introduced to.

- Kathleen S

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I was more than impressed with every single step of the visit from the state of the art x ray machine and the courteous and friendly ladies and the humble and comforting nature of Dr. Haney this place is absolutely a breath of fresh air when it comes to the dental field and i will absolutely be bringing my children and referring any and everyone that will listen to me about as close to a concierge service as you can get except insurance covered most of it!!! Thank you so much to the staff and Dr. Haney what a blessing and im sure i will be back to normal in no time! A++++ impeccable service i cant stress this enough i did my research and called around and right away i had a gut feeling this place was the one! Thanks again!

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Very professional clean practice. Office staff was very caring and great with my son.

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Everyone was supper friendly and helpful. Everyone did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend this place there awesome!!

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Went so much better then I thought, thank you

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My daughter was very anxious about getting all 4 wisdom teeth removed, but after meeting with the Dr. Haynie and his staff she was quickly put at ease. Friendly and informative, they go above and beyond to make you feel at ease.

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The continuous updates throughout the procedure made my experience as a parent as comfortable as it could be under the circumstances. Additionally, their patience with my numerous follow up calls with questions was very appreciated. I wish I had paid better attention to names, but the gal who provided the updates throughout the procedure and ensured I understood the follow up care, and also assisted me in getting her settled in the car was amazing. All the staff were amazing. Thank you for taking such good care of my daughter.

- Emma H

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Laura is an amazing worker at this office, she’s very sweet and funny and makes sure you feel at ease, The office staff is very professional, friendly and will answer any questions or concern you may have. Both my children got their wisdom teeth out at this office and if I ever need a procedure done this will be the place I will go to hand down.. Thank you to the staff and Dr, for their great team work and patience they have with My family.

- Kim G

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The staff were all so kind and courteous. They are truly kind people with the best intent at mind. The atmosphere is so clean and refreshing and I have had a great and positive experience with them so far.

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I saw this team for a wisdom tooth extraction. I had gotten an extremely bad infection in a wisdom tooth and needed attention ASAP. I was referred to Lakeside by a local dentist here in Sandpoint and called them thinking it would take me forever to get in. I was wrong. They had me schedule for an eval in days!!! The girl on the phone literally sounded like someone I would want to be friends with. Which you hardly run into when it comes to making appointments for such things. As a mom of two boys I usually have to take my boys to all appointments with me which is usually a nightmare so naturally I was dreading it. So I showed up for my eval both littles in tow. When I got there I couldn’t believe how beautiful their office was! I checked in and waited maybe one minute when a young lady took me to a “theater room” to fill out my paper work. A separate room where my kids ate complimentary snacks and drinks while watching Netflix while I filled out my paperwork with ZERO STRESS! In addition they treated my kids with patience and kindness. They went above and beyond. Their rooming process is organized and fast! They take their time with you to explain everything; from paperwork you’re filling out to the steps of procedures to instructions of taking care of yourself at home. They have the most top notch equipment with huge TVs to examine x rays and CT Scans in each exam room! Every person you encounter is down to earth and comforting. Dr. Haynie himself is incredibly down to earth and super nice and is over the top qualified! He evaluated me and said that I needed my wisdom teeth out ASAP due to infection. I was back in the office 4 days later!!! To add to it I’m pregnant and had to be awake for my procedure to ensure my babies safety which the doc was very considerate of when discussing every detail of my care! So being awake the surgery was so scary for me. I was visibly shaking when I walked in. Starting with the front desk girls the treated me like an old friend and I just became more at ease every min that passed. When I was ready for Doc to come in he made me feel at ease even though I was so nervous as did his assistant. They talked me through every little thing and joked with me keeping me comfortable and distracted and I was done in no time! They made sure my husband was comfortable as he waited for me in theater room watching Netflix. The entire surgery experience didn’t even take me an hour!!! I’ve waited longer than that just to see my doctor for an annual! I would refer every person I know to this team! I would go back for cleanings if they would let me!! I absolutely love Lakeside and would even apply to work there if I was in that field. I have not a single negative thing to say about this oral surgery team and the entire team should be recognized for their phenomenal care and business. All I can say is thank you and you guys are amazing!!

- Jordan S

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Patient Review

Very disappointed in the payment procedures. I feel staff did not have any concern that I overpaid almost $750 for my son’s procedure, and it was implied that the day of the surgery there would be an adjustment based off of 2019 benefits. Then I found out this adjustment would not be made until YOU were reimbursed by insurance. My insurance company let me know this could’ve easily been avoided by asking for a pre-determination of benefits...which was not explained to me at the time. Instead your office got paid double the amount from me, and is now holding on to my money. I am the one holding the bag to pay off the full amount on my credit card bill. It would’ve been very easy for the office to call Delta Dental to find out the amount that was to be issued and offer me my reimbursement. Instead, I was acccused of trying to get away with something and it was even implied my insurance may have been cancelled. Rude and uncaring behavior. Why should a customer wait for two months for a reimbursement when she was more than double charged? Very poor service. I am going to be filing a complaint with my insurance. Customers should come first. I was not going to owe you anything, and I was left feeling like a bad person for wanting my hard earned money back.

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Great place and people!

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The staff and doctor were wonderful to work with. They were all very friendly and helpful, willing to answer any and all questions. They also worked hard to accommodate our schedule.


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