Should I have my Wisdom Teeth removed?

A dentist looks inside the mouth of a patient with a mirror.

Your wisdom teeth come in at anywhere from 17-25 years of age. Some experience no pain with them while others are driven to insanity by the pain.

When it comes to wisdom teeth the general populace seems to be fairly torn in regards to whether the teeth truly do need to be removed. Through human development it has been shown that our mouths have become smaller and most people find a great deal of discomfort and sometimes pain when their wisdom teeth are growing in.

Northwest Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Texas had this to say about wisdom teeth.

Occasionally, wisdom teeth will erupt with absolutely no pain, issues or cause for concern. Others will experience unpleasant symptoms and will want or need to have their wisdom teeth extracted.  How do you know?

  • Pain in the jawbone
  • Pain that radiates from ear, jaw and head
  • Tooth pain caused by wisdom teeth growing sideways and putting pressure on adjacent teeth
  • Swelling and inflammation indicating infection
  • Sensitivity in the third molar that might be caused by cavities
  • Bad breath which may indicate infection
  • Bad breath caused by inability to clean and floss properly
  • Sinus pain and pressure caused by third molars pressing up against the sinuses
  • Shifting teeth
  • Formation of cysts around the third molar
Images of wisdom teeth growing in various ways some of the ways impacting the 2nd molars.

Wisdom teeth can grow into your mouth in many different ways, often times causing discomfort and sometimes even pain.

Now you may be saying to yourself ‘I’m not experiencing any of those so I must be in the clear!’. While you may not be in pain at the moment it’s always recommended to get them removed so you don’t experience any of these symptoms in the future.

Dentists and oral surgeons have special categories for the wisdom teeth based on the way they have grown in and will base their recommended treatment plans on the state of the teeth. With our state-of-the-art imaging technology we are able to quickly and easily diagnose the state of the wisdom teeth in our patients mouths’ and recommend the best course of action. If you or a loved one are thinking about getting your wisdom teeth removed don’t hesitate to call us or swing by our office and reserve your time to speak with Dr. Haynie and determine whats best for your oral health and overall well being.

For the full article from Northwest Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery click here.

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