Patient Review from David Z

I suffered for about two years because I have had such bad experiences with dentist and oral surgeons. Today the pain got to be to much so I called to see if Dr. Haynie could see me even though it was a Friday. They had no appointments so I was going to have to suffer through the weekend. I thought this was going to be a rough weekend because I couldn't eat or sleep. To my surprise Jennifer called and informed me they had a cancellation and would I like to come in. I couldn't get there fast enough. I was met by a very professional acting front office staff. I was given a tour of the office by Cara who said she remembered me from two years ago and laughed when I said I chickened out. Dr. Haynie said he could pull the teeth today because I had had a heart attack four weeks earlier and he didn't feel comfortable using sedation on me. So off we went, I explained I had a fear of needles even though I give myself four shots of insulin a day. Courtney kept reassuring me and telling me to breath through my nose. She was very sweet. After about ten minutes doc said their both out. I said wow that was fast I didn't feel much just a little pressure but no pain. He said I did a good job, I said no you both did a good job. I suffered all that time because of unwarranted fears. This office is the best. I have more work to be done (implants) so guess where I'm going?

- David Z

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