Providing a Genuine Experience

At Lakeside we put a lot of emphasis on providing the best care for our patients. This all starts from the first moment we speak with you; whether it’s over the phone or maybe you’ve walked into our office to turn in a referral from your dentist. Our front office staff always greet everyone with a warm smile and a friendly welcome.

We are constantly evaluating ourselves and working with the feedback we receive and then turning it into an action plan. Like other top notch offices we invest heavily in training and we track everything. One of the biggest indicators of how well we are doing is from our online reviews.

I’m sure we can all admit to using reviews as a deciding factor when opting for a treatment, choosing a restaurant, or even buying treats for our pets. Reviews act as our first virtual step in the door. Knowing this we have made it a normalcy to ask for reviews from our patients and especially those that overcame some significant hurdles to get their treatment. These hurdles could be any number of factors.

For some patients time is the most difficult factor. Finding time for your appointments can be an arduous task for some but we have an amazing team that can work with you and your busy schedule to make sure you’re taken care of.

Man sitting in dentist chair looking scared.Let’s hope you don’t find yourself in the same state of dismay as this poor fellow.

Finances can also be a barrier for many people seeking treatment. Our Benefits Coordinator works hard to make sure that our patients maximize their insurance benefits by doing a complimentary benefit check before the initial appointment. Don’t have insurance? Our Benefit Coordinator can also work with you to find the best payment option for your care.

Knowing that the treatment they once thought was out of reach is now feasible leads to our patients feeling much more at ease.

Along with the previously mentioned factors we all know a handful of people that aren’t fond of being in a dental office.┬áRest assure that your Lakeside Team is there for you from the second you step into our door and we are always going above and beyond to provide the best experience no matter the situation.

We are always looking for ways to serve our patients. Reviews are one of the easiest ways for us to know how we are doing. They let us know which portions of the new patient experience are going the smoothest and also provide us with new insights. We encourage everyone to share their stories for anywhere they choose to have treatment performed. Your opinion could be the exact words someone was looking for to finally make the move on achieving the smile they’ve wanted.