I had a tooth joke for you. But I lost it.


Famous actor with a missing tooth

Ed Helms from The Hangover with a missing tooth.

The trauma of loosing, or missing, a tooth often leaves people frozen in a panic, followed by fear of a ruined smile. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry it has been estimated that 69 percent of Americans, age 35 to 44, have at least one missing tooth, and one in four over the age of 74 have lost ALL of their natural teeth. This is meant to put you at ease if you fall within one of these groups. You’re not alone in this matter and it isn’t the end of the world or your beautiful smile.

Here’s an interesting statistic for you from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. Adults age 20 to 64 have an average of 24.92 remaining teeth.  After having your wisdom teeth removed you are left with 28 teeth so that statistic is saying that the average adult is missing at least 3 teeth.


The thought of missing a tooth may seem like a nightmare to many but it’s not something you simply have to deal with. Whether you were born with a missing tooth or if you lost a tooth due to an accident it is truly no different for our office as Dr. Haynie and our wonderful staff here at Lakeside would be more than happy to talk with you about a dental implant. Implants look completely real and will last as long as you do. We even utilize a X-Nav  to help for the most accurate placement of the dental implant. Because of this and our highly skilled Surgeon Dr. Haynie we are absolutely positive that we can restore your smile to its original glory so you can gift those around you by showing you’re wonderful smile. Call or email us today and find out about implants for you or a loved one!

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