A Step Beyond A Normal X-Ray

When it comes to oral surgery you truly do need the most high tech imaging equipment you can find in order to best serve your patients. What are the benefits for using high tech imaging?

Your face has an expansive system of nerves throughout it. The Zygomatic branch of your facial nerves runs above your eyes and proceeds to branch towards your temples and under your eyes. The Buccal branch of facial nerves is what gives you feeling in your gums. Down around your chin is where your inferior aveolar nerve is found; this nerve carries large importance. This nerve is responsible for the feeling in your the chin, lower jaw, lower teeth, and lower lip.

If you’re wondering why I’m going on about this lets talk about what goes on in oral surgery. In some cases a tooth needs removed and the tooth could be buried into the jaw bone. If the tooth is impacted in mandible (lower jaw) then there is always a chance it is near a nerve.  This is exactly why we invest so heavily into great technology.

With our imaging technology we are able to take extremely high resolution 3D images of an patients jaw and mouth. These images allow us to know exactly where the nerve is located and from there Dr. Haynie is able to decide his course of action and draw up a treatment plan based on his findings.

Up close image of someones mandibleThe CS9300 allows us to take high quality looks inside our patients mouths to ensure them the best experience.

We want the absolute best care possible for our patients. By using the CS 9300 Imaging the doctor can look at your bones and determine the overall health of the bone surrounding your teeth as well as knowing where your facial nerves are in comparison to your teeth.

In a situation like this some people would want to opt for a dental implant. The doctor would use an image like this to determine the depth of the bone in the site of the implant. Our CS9300 uses cone beam CT technology to give us a more accurate picture and it also greatly reduces the patients exposure to radiation. These high quality images are one of the reasons our patients see such great results.

If you or a loved has any questions in regards to services we offer, scheduling or even just curious on the equipment we have in the office don’t hesitate to give us a call or click Schedule An Appointment from our homepage and get yourself in to see some of the amazing technology for yourself!