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A Step Beyond A Normal X-Ray

When it comes to oral surgery you truly do need the most high tech imaging equipment you can find in order to best serve your patients. What are the benefits for using high tech imaging? Your face has an expansive system of nerves throughout it. The Zygomatic branch of your facial nerves runs above your […]

Providing a Genuine Experience

At Lakeside we put a lot of emphasis on providing the best care for our patients. This all starts from the first moment we speak with you; whether it’s over the phone or maybe you’ve walked into our office to turn in a referral from your dentist. Our front office staff always greet everyone with […]

Why we love where we live

Coeur d’Alene is home for many people. Dr. Haynie and his family chose this area as home for a number of reasons; the close proximity to a major airport, a reasonable drive to his home state of Utah, a temple in the area, and he and his family found the area to be beautiful. On […]