Lakeside Oral Surgery & Dental Implants

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Patient Review from Anna Marie C

The staff and doctor were wonderful to work with. They were all very friendly and helpful, willing to answer any and all questions. They also worked hard to accommodate our schedule.

- Anna Marie C

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Patient Review from Michel M

Excellent. Have never been to a better medical place.. thank you for helping a veteran in need.

- Michel M

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Patient Review from Lorna S

I had a very wonderful experience and was treated like a queen by caring staff and a skilled surgeon in regards to removal of cyst and wisdom tooth. They went overboard to answer all questions, gave me thorough explanations of what needed to be done, etc. I had every confidence in Dr. Haynie and his knowledge. The day of surgery I had a team working diligently to prepare me for surgery. And the staff seemed more like family than strangers. Kudos to all of you at Lakeside!

- Lorna S

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Patient Review from Teresa H

Amazing experience! No need to look anywhere else you won't find anyone better.

- Teresa H

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Patient Review from Jennifer K

It has been some time since I had my surgery here, but I wanted to be sure to give Dr. Haynie & the office a thumbs up! Dr. Haynie is amazing with patients questions and the whole staff is welcoming and helpful! Best (dentist) oral surgery experience ever!

- Jennifer K

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Patient Review from Amanda C

I can't say enough how welcoming Dr. Haynie and his staff are. If you are looking for a professional and informative visit then Lakeside Oral Surgery & Dental Implants is right for you. They make it their goal to put all of your fears and concerns at bay and that is the kind of relationship you need to have with your doctor. I trust Dr. Haynie and his staff with all of my family and friends and I highly recommend you guys to anyone in need of a comforting dental experience!

- Amanda C

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Patient Review from David Z

I suffered for about two years because I have had such bad experiences with dentist and oral surgeons. Today the pain got to be to much so I called to see if Dr. Haynie could see me even though it was a Friday. They had no appointments so I was going to have to suffer through the weekend. I thought this was going to be a rough weekend because I couldn't eat or sleep. To my surprise Jennifer called and informed me they had a cancellation and would I like to come in. I couldn't get there fast enough. I was met by a very professional acting front office staff. I was given a tour of the office by Cara who said she remembered me from two years ago and laughed when I said I chickened out. Dr. Haynie said he could pull the teeth today because I had had a heart attack four weeks earlier and he didn't feel comfortable using sedation on me. So off we went, I explained I had a fear of needles even though I give myself four shots of insulin a day. Courtney kept reassuring me and telling me to breath through my nose. She was very sweet. After about ten minutes doc said their both out. I said wow that was fast I didn't feel much just a little pressure but no pain. He said I did a good job, I said no you both did a good job. I suffered all that time because of unwarranted fears. This office is the best. I have more work to be done (implants) so guess where I'm going?

- David Z

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Patient Review from Jessi O

My husband had two wisdom teeth extracted at Lakeside Oral Surgery. We were treated with the utmost respect. The facility is cozy and clean. There is a "Theater Room" with Netflix (and with snacks provided) in which I was able to wait while the surgery took place. After the surgery was complete, the doctor came in to discuss how things went. Information on post-surgical care was readily provided and was thorough. Conveniently, my husband was wheeled out to the front of the building while I pulled up the car, as he was still groggy from the general anasthesia. I would highly recommend this place... the facility and staff are great!

- Jessi O

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Patient Review from Shelby-Rae R

I would recommend this office to anyone. They do a wonderful job at just making you feel welcome and comfortable. My mom took me in to get my wisdom teeth pulled and earlier (before we left) she asked why would you want to drive all the way from medical lake there I said because they are the best and I feel comfortable there. When I finally got home and relaxed she told me now that I went I totally understand why you wanted to go there. Not only did they make me their patient feel comfortable but they made my mom feel comfortable too and that means the world!! Thank you lakeside! I'll be back!

- Shelby-Rae R

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Patient Review from Brenton D

My young daughter had to have minor frenectomy. She was understandably a little nervous and apprehensive, as was I. However, Dr. Haynie and all the staff and nurses were so comforting and friendly, as well as knowledgeable, we were quickly put at ease. The procedure went great and our experience was even greater! I would definitely recommend Lakeside Oral Surgery to anyone, big or small!

- Brenton D

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Patient Review from Frank and irma J

Lacy.....was fabulous. Kind and tender hearted. Showing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Office was clean without the medicinal smell.

- Frank and irma J

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Patient Review from Denise I

Its always nice to feel like your welcome when you go into a place of business and it feels like home.

- Denise I

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Patient Review from Jaimen D

I had a great experience with my wisdom teeth removal. Everything was simple and straight forward. Staff was very welcoming, and easy to work with. Definitely would recommend anyone to have their procedures performed here.

- Jaimen D

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Patient Review from Robin H

You and your staff are the most wonderful and caring I have seen in a long time, as soon as you walk in to the office the atmosphere is so awesome and friendly, and by the time I left after the procedure was over, I knew that I would refer them to anyone and everyone I know.

- Robin H

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Patient Review from Adriona A

Staff is very friendly and makes me feel welcomed.

- Adriona A

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Patient Review from Marjorie H

Was a pleasure to come to an office like this. All staff I met were nice and polite.eEveryone was like very ddr Office to be

- Marjorie H

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Patient Review from Darren S

Very quick to put us at ease. Professional yet sincere. Dr was very personable and explained everything clearly. Wish we'd had him a long time ago

- Darren S

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Patient Review from Brenda E

Lakeside Oral Surgery is the most amazing they made my daughter feel so comfortable and secure about a procedure we would highly recommend them to our friends and family.

- Brenda E

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Patient Review from Bonnie Y

My Mother in law with advanced dementia needed two extractions and it was a little scary for her. The entire office staff and especially Dr. Haney put her concerns to rest. He was able to consult with us as well as do the extractions the same day, which took a lot of pressure off the family and gave our Mom the service she needed as she was in pain also so as to avoid another day out in the Icy cold weather. Thank you for making this a better than expected experience. We will definitely recommend your office to our friends and family members.

- Bonnie Y

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Patient Review from Stacie S

Would recommend to anyone who is considering implant surgery.

- Stacie S

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